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turns andruns in place for a while

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    March 31, 2015 4:01 AM EDT

    While it would be vastly unfair to saythat WAR is looking more like Warhammer skins on DAoC, the similarities areprofound and may obscure WAR from having its own character initially.The questsystem does expand to grand scales, with boss battles that will require playersto team up (known as the Public Quests). The way the Public Quests work,fundamentally speaking, is that players jump into a special zone and attack oneof the mega-creatures. You have to be joined by others to win the battle andyour share of the experience points is determined by your participation in thefight. You can even draw lots for the dropped loot. As to theoverall combat scheme, wow gold  there is still work to be done. One of the newer classesadded is the White Lion, a pet class attached to the high elves on the side ofOrder. You summon a war lion to fight beside you. This has some issues with thelion encountering pathing problems. And it truly points out the problems withthe combat AI. Here is what happened on several occasions, as a lower-levelcharacter. The target was spotted and the lion was sent in to attack, to drawthe aggro of the mob. As with some World of Warcraft, the minute the pet got within aggrorange, the mob ran past it to attack the pet's owner, in this case the WhiteLion. When the pet arrived at the point where the mob had been, and obviouslywas not any more, it turned to give chase. So far, so good. But two-thirds ofthe way to the pet's owner, the mob reverses its field and runs back (sometimesthe animations shows it sliding backwards, and not running at all) to where itwas when the whole sequence started. The pet, now apparently confused, turns andruns in place for a while, not actually gaining any ground, but not attackingeither. And the targeted mob, because it has not been physically engaged, dropsaggro on the player and the pet and returns to a non-aggressive stance whichmeans another player who is hunting the same mob and has been patient can thenattack and claim the mob. What doesall that mean? EA/Mythic has some work ahead of it and only a month to do it inunless the release date slides.When itcomes to Realm-versus-Realm, no one does it better than Mythic (or EA/Mythic)and the World of Warcraft is very solid in that regard. Factions will be able to battle forcontrol of zones and gain factional standing. There were some skills in the betathat were purely frustrating (like when a high-level tank class could pick up aplayer behind the other skirmish line and drop him or her into a group ofwaiting tanks to beat on until they were quite dead especially when theypicked on a class that was a support class).