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Activision isn’t the enemy

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    March 31, 2015 4:00 AM EDT

    but it does seem clear that the link in the message must be clicked in order to activate it. To be safe it would probably be wise to not follow any links in a PSN message for the time being.Accounts being hacked is not a new thing in the world of video World of Warcraft. It is a constant threat in World of Warcraft. In that case, though, the attackers are after the digital loot which has some real world value, but credit card information can't be used to purchase anything. The WoW and Playstation 3 both have credit card information stored on board, but it can only be used to purchase items on their respective marketplaces. Still, that hasn't stopped a hacker from charging over $300 for items to someone else's card. The above image capture is from Dom Guerrera's email where he received several notifications of unauthorized purchases being made on PSN using his account. We have contacted Sony to see if their network is truly being attacked or if this is just a fluke. They have yet to respond. Hopefully, Sony is on top of this, those attacked will be reimbursed for any damage that has been done, and the attackers will be found and prosecuted. We'll have more information as it becomes available.It’s easy to dislike Activision.They’ve driven the creators of the Call of Duty franchise into the arms of Electronic Arts in the most high-profile publisher/developer spat in gaming history. They took the beloved Guitar Hero series and turned it into one of the most overexposed franchises ever. They dropped Brutal Legend and sued EA when the rival publisher picked it up. Brutal Legend’s creator Tim Schafer recently referred to Activision’s CEO as a “total prick.”While Schafer quickly walked back from his comments, many players share his sentiment. There are multiple websites, Facebook groups and Twitter feeds devoted wow shop  to Activision hate and boycotts.While I’m certainly not a fan of many of the decisions Activision makes, I won’t be signing up for any of these groups or participating in any boycott. Why? Because Activision isn’t the enemy.The various actions that cause players to dislike Activision are a natural part of business. Companies get involved with lawsuits with all their subsidiaries all the time, and spinning a successful product into as many additional revenue streams as possible is a natural part of capitalism. I think Activision is especially disliked for a couple of reasons. First, it’s natural to dislike the guy at the top, the “evil empire” as it were. When Activision merged with World of Warcraft, it became the biggest publisher in the industry, knocking Electronic Arts out of the number one slot. Back when EA was on top, cries of “EA sucks!” were much more common.