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they will return to an alternate version of history

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    March 22, 2015 9:21 PM EDT

    Now, instead of the invasion of Azeroth as we become accustomed, and this change formula of Draenor and iron the crowd trying to break into your now.Only here and there is one thing that is missing the main - and this is not the time trip. Not at all. After playing the beta for a few hours, which the World of Warcraft is something completely different. While we were focusing on travel through time and how it would affect our future, World of Warcraft has been called into silence together a story with some of the long-term, the dramatic effects that may well take everything we know about the World of Warcraft, it becomes Finally, having more than that with a well placed blow.Spoiler CAUTION: The following column contains some spoilers largely to the lords of Draenor war. If you avoid the expansion of information and discussion, do not continue. Back to the future time announced warlords, and jumped to the very tough players with the travel time next expansion, in an attempt to puzzle is exactly what World of Warcraft is to 'this is not the time to travel. ' Theory went with the majority of players are: Garrosh Hellscream back in time. Garrosh stop his father and the rest of the clan Oman Oil Refinery Company of drinking the blood of Mannoroth, saving them from the demonic corruption. Garrosh says something to convince all the tribes to come together and build the darkness of the gate - not to trigger an army under the command of the body, but to release the iron crowd. Gateway is connected to the darkness of our Azeroth, in this time, and that's where our story begins.As go as far as measurement, this is probably the closest to the Back to the Future II. In this movie, Marty travels to the future to the document, and see the old Biff Tannen - who realizes that the document and Marty have a time machine. Taking wow items  matters into his own hands, Bev and DELOREAN theft takes sport of the future calendar for the year 1955, when the document and Marty are not looking, younger than I allows you the key to getting what she wants than ever . When Doc and Marty 'home' return to 1985, and they will return to an alternate version of history that has reached all - including the mother Marty - Marty's father is dead. It is very heavy.Applying this scenario to the warlords, and here we have a beef: Garrosh Hellscream, who did not travel forward in the future, and is grown for the first time, was betrayed by his own people.