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Mozilla is looking to reduce the burden

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    March 22, 2015 9:20 PM EDT

    The fact is that the navigation technology on the web available on each platform is very fragmented and for his work, especially in the cell, probably further than the game developers. The lack of a common set of HTML API support and low performance is what is something Alistair Macdonald, chief developer for digital entertainment studio divided, recognized stop on the web game slides forward, 'he says.This. Chunk web building games for brands and media such as Cadbury, Disney and BBC, many of them for children. 'Our web games to play on a huge range of devices, platforms and browsers. At the moment there is no tool that works in the range, so any HTML5 game is coded by hand and built around our table of in-house ', should have a low explains.Chunk -spec enough to get your device, he added, it was a great challenge, despite all the rhetoric surrounding HTML5 web standard advantages.For, creating games using HTML5 is not a simple process now. Especially in the first timers.Having a strong return to the tool with the ability to have a major obstacle to the website says Rikard Herlitz, founder and CTO Technologies goo. Swedish software maker has a vision for a world where all digital experiences will be ready devices available anywhere, helped in part by his own devices, such as goo, to allow 'immediately access to 2D and 3D games. Herlitz says, 'Support the creation of game levels with immediate visual feedback helps tremendously, but it is my opinion that the combination of the use of scripting tools are what really makes the difference. To keep the tool, the scene, customize your code, press kit and get instant feedback on the status of your game do not really understand. 'With WebGL, web audio, and other WebRTC API, Herlitz also think that web developers to get a ton of energy at the same time easily accessible. And the combination of power, ease of use and the goal is to reach the landscape changing, adds.Perhaps he therefore Turbulenz CEO James Austin feel is a matter of financial support, not technology, that is to delay the other devs to share web revolution in the game, 'This is a technological challenge, or we will build on all platforms would be Old School RS  better for the game, but now is mainly a return on the investment challenge. Still need developers to pull to see a commercial success of native alternatives and dedicated devices. Mozilla is looking to reduce the burden on developers with their technologies and asm.js web Enscripten, a highly optimized subset of JavaScript. The cross-compiled code is the game content to run at a speed close to that of the native. Vladimir Vukicevic, director of engineering and inventor of WebGL Mozilla, says it will reduce costs by 'deliver a high fidelity experience previously possible only by .mozilla plugins are looking for developers to take your Web Enscripten technology and reduce js asm, a highly optimized subset JavaScript.