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It will still have some ability to deal damage

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    March 22, 2015 9:19 PM EDT

    If there are no players where they are directed, is still create a penalty, which can be picked up, as it was before. Furthermore, when collecting multiple blades, duration is extended, instead of being replaced. Holy Nova is no longer available through major glyph, and instead is the wave of discipline expertise. The mana cost has been reduced and increased healing. It is intended that the area of ​​effect (Levi) Healing Wave efficiency priestly discipline. Cascade, divine star, and Halo is no longer heal allies, but do not throw the immediate shadow of the priests, or discipline to harm enemies or Priests.RogueIn Karim our efforts to reduce the stacking cooldown throughout the game, we choose to remove the damage increased craft tricks. Secondly, we decided to loosen the requirements of the murder weapon. It is important to note that he still intends to wow items daggers to be the perfect choice for the murder of cheaters, but this change helps crooks who want to experience the murder, but not the two of you have daggers. Tricks of the Trade now has no energy cost and increases the damage caused by the 15% target is no more. Killer solution requires no more daggers at work. It can now be used by sending weapons or swords grip with one hand, and dealing 331% weapon damage (instead of 480%) when used with these weapons instead of a dagger. It can now be used with strain weapons or swords grip with one hand, and dealing 137% weapon damage (instead of 200%) when used with these weapons instead of a dagger. Strike now deals 188% bad weapon damage when used with a dagger (instead of 130%). Ladroes Cunning is interesting mechanic is important to tackle this game, but it did not work as well as we believe that it can. In particular, there is basically no way to adjust when you will be in the depths of insight, and another stop its rotation (and thus wasting energy and combo points, temporary effects, waiting time, etc.). So we're making an amendment to detect a strike and cunning of thieves e.Danos to move, and that includes a racist. It will still have some ability to deal damage while moving through the shock, triggering a gun, and instant lava bursts. Series lightning, wanted to reduce the impact of the dam to rush smooth, and so shamanic altered to increase the damage instead of reducing cast time. In addition, we simplified wind shear by removing the impact of the threat that does not matter anymore. Oppression Totem: Screw scorching damage by 65%. Earth Elemental is 90% less auto attack damage. Isaac primitive earth elemental power no longer deals damage.