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he repeatedly stressed that it should not be completely denied

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    November 2, 2014 8:08 PM EST

    Carlos looked politely respond, it is not the star of the shelf. Talked about his current situation, Carlos said with a smile, he served in the Turkish Super League FIFA Ultimate Team coach of Sivas FIFA Ultimate Team, has worked there for a year. Reporters learned from China, Carlos revealed that this year in December, he will travel to China to participate in a commercial activity, he knew in the distant China has a lot of his fans, and therefore willing to accept the invitation of China issued. For the present, many Brazilian players to China to play, Carlos said that although China and Turkey are not very high standard of FIFA 15 country, but it still attracts a large number of high-income players, might have an impact on the overall level, which in the commercialization of FIFA 15 operating under difficult to avoid. FIFA 15 has ended for the Brazilians defeat to Brazil, Carlos heartbroken:. That FIFA 15 for Brazil is simply a painful memories, anyone not willing to think of that FIFA 15 but the performance of the Brazilian FIFA Ultimate Team did was not good, but also to seize the opportunity in Germany, the issue is still losing ourselves.  things are now, the Brazilian FIFA Ultimate Team had to first concentrate on preparing for the next FIFA 15, after Brazils FIFA 15 is not over yet. For Brazil 34 finals opponent, Carlos sure to say: Final should be the Netherlands and Germany, while Brazil will be the third in the tournament. However, the final results show that the prediction does not come true Carlos. In fact, the Brazilian FIFA Ultimate Team won the first runner-up and when the countdown no difference, for the Brazilians, the FIFA 15 is over. Carlos said. This is the weakest in the history of Brazil, Scolari conference next rant: I hope that people should beg me to stay local time at 14:30 on July 9, the Brazilian FIFA Ultimate Team was held in Indianapolis resident Te Leisuo release Council, led by coach Luiz Felipe Scolari group full attendance, faced sharp questioning patch of fifa 15 coins land not, fiery scene. Scolari did not intend to resign, he repeatedly stressed that it should not be completely denied because of a defeat this session of the Brazilian FIFA Ultimate Team effort. I like you, can not understand the FIFA 15, I do not need you to remind me what a shame, no one more than I deeply appreciate the taste, but the FIFA 15 is over, life goes on, we win together, lose should bear together, not because the FIFA 15 is destroyed, we will be out of trouble. Scolari last almost growled request to answer questions whether he would continue led, Why should I request leave the FIFA Ultimate Team?

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