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watching the sake of convenience

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    November 2, 2014 7:57 PM EST

    The Spanish group stage two straight sets, losing to Chile after the second field, I direct the ashtray on the coffee table hit the ground, the result was his wife severely scolded. Its not, because in the night watching too noisy, Mom and Dad could see his dislike, and self-adjustment For a time, I think everyone against me, the FIFA Ultimate Team is also poor luck, my temper has become even worse.: Now the FIFA 15 ended, Hu Weisheng worried about their bad temper into work, so he took a few days off to rest adjustment. In these days, Im ready to go get some fresh air and then spend a little time at home listening to music, read a book or something to make slow down the pace of life, many a good mood.. Experts Prescription: suffering such  FIFA 15 syndrome , must learn self-regulation: First, say to yourself, the FIFA 15 is over, I want to enter the working state of the ; secondly, adjust the workload backlog during the FIFA 15 will be a lot of work, a return to high-intensity work can not adapt, you can easily work first pick, with twenty-three days to their gradual process of adaptation; finally, less about the FIFA 15. Muscle fatigue stop the tears Case: Recently, 24-year-old Qi Huihui Sand Sand went to hang ophthalmology clinic. She said: At night, when I watch often sound off very small, due to the close watch, it makes itself myopia and my eyes hurt after watching the ball every day, will play for a while the phone. to see my friends on the FIFA 15 evaluation, which is simply seek death rhythm. In addition, Qi Huihui often follow friends to a nearby bar watching. When watching the sake of convenience, I usually wear contact lenses, wearing it for a fifa coins night. Later, his eyes began to redness, one wearing glasses constantly tears. Went to the hospital to check before that, has been suffering from conjunctivitis . self-adjustment: Qi Huihui under a doctors warning, usually in the FIFA 15 interval, take the time to be quiet, completely relaxed muscles, brain remove all distractions. You can also do a do eye exercises. Experts prescription: Fans must be adjusted as soon as possible with the eye the way, do not use the phone or watching TV in the dark contact lenses should not be worn more than eight hours, its best to wear glasses. In addition to a reasonable diet, regular recharge.

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