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    June 12, 2018 11:31 PM EDT

    OSAKA Homme Air VaporMax Laceless Pure Platinum Blanche Solde , Jan. 22 (Xinhua)-- A stick-wielding man illegally entered the building of an ethnic Korean school in the western Japanese city of Kobe, attacked a teacher on Wednesday afternoon, leaving him injured, local press reported.


    The attack happened shortly after noon local time in the corridor on the third floor of the school building, where the male teacher was suddenly beaten by the man with an iron stick which is about 40 centimeters long Homme Femme Off White x Air Vapormax Noir Solde , according to Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), Japan's public broadcaster.


    The report said that the 25-year-old teacher, who first recognized the presence of the unknown man and tried to catch the man on the floor, hurt his left arm in the attack, but there were no reports of injuries among school students.


    The report cited local police officials as saying that the 38- year-old male suspect Homme Femme Off White x Air Vapormax Blanche Solde , who was later arrested on charges of bodily injury, has denied any guilt in relation to the attack at the school, which is run by residents from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).


    Police continue their investigation into the backgrounds of his attack.


    SANTIAGO, June 20 (Xinhua) -- The true protagonist of Saturday's Argentina vs Jamaica Copa America 2015 match in Chile will be Lionel Messi as he celebrates his 100th cap with Argentina.


    The player who still hasn't turned 28 will be the youngest player to ever reach such a figure in the history of the South American team.


    The Argentine player, who will turn 28 on June 24 Off-Blanche x Vapormax Noir Blanche Solde , continues breaking records and this period of football has even began to be known as "Messi's century", according to Spanish sports daily Marca.


    Fellow Argentinians Javier Zanetti reached 144 international matches in his career followed by Mascherano who currently holds 113 caps at 30 years-old said the sports daily.


    All this suggests that the Barcelona star will overtake both Zanetti and Mascherano's caps.


    The mythical 100-mark was also beaten by Cholo Simeone (104) and Roberto Ayala (114).


    Everyone is expecting Argentina to beat Jamaica in the final match of the Copa America 2015 group stages. A win would warrant a double celebration from Messi to mark his centenary playing for his national team and and also with a win Argentina will pass to the quarter finals of the tournament.


    The Argentinian forward has won every title available at club level with Barcelona but he still hasn't won a World Cup with his national team.


    Messi is competing for the third time in the Copa America and has also played in the Word Cup the same amount of times according to Marca.


    "In these 100 matches I have had the opportunity to live some incredible, very beautiful experiences. Unforgettable. I have experienced situations that have allowed me to grow as a player but unfortunately no title," said Messi about his 100 caps during an interview with the Spanish newspaper.


    "I hope that these 100 matches will come with one (a title)," added the Barecelona forward. Although Messi has won Olympic and Youth medals with the South American side Homme Noir Air Max 95 Solde , Argentina haven't won a title since the Copa America 1993 which was 22 years ago.

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