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Momot did share one change

  • October 15, 2015 9:40 PM EDT

    the Call of Duty series would be skipping Nintendos console.Not so fast, though when Activision was asked about the possibility of Call of Duty rs3 gold Black Ops 3 coming to Wii U later this year on Twitter, Activision did not shoot the idea down, nor did they give the usual nonanswer that they have been giving so far. Instead, they asked Wii U owners to stay tuned, for more information.Of course, this might just be truncated PR speak, but given that Treyarch Call of Duty Runescape Games always release on Nintendo hardware, and that they also always get announced later than the other versions, it is not unreasonable to suppose, as of right now, that the Runescape game might launch on Nintendos console later this year after all.Stay tuned. activision, call of duty black ps 3, pc, ps4, Treyarch, wii u, Xbox One The Runescape On PS4 Looks Great, Footage Coming Next Week, New Gameplay Details. CD Projekt RED has shared some new information on The Runescape Wild Hunt, with community and website coordinator Marcin Momot stating on the forums that there will be new footage next week. The PS4 footage will be released next week. Momot further stated that, the Runescape game looks great on PS4. Real talk Im speaking from my personal perspective. Our team did an excellent job with console versions. It wil be a few minutes of gameplay footage from the prologue. Momot did share one change that hadnt been noticed till now. Alright guys. Just played the Runescape game and checked since, to be honest, I dont pay attention to this when I play. The blood doesnt splatter on the ground anymore. It splatters on Geralt and comes out of dead enemies when they end up on the ground. Hope this clears it up. Level designer Miles Tost shared some more details on Twitter. The lake with Fyke Land, for instance, Its a huge lake with an island in the middle that has its very own twisted story to tell. Tost also said that with regards to difficulty, Depends on what experience Cheap RS Gold you want! Fortunately, you can switch difficulty mid game. So test it!