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    WELLINGTON, Feb. 16 (Xinhua) -- The risk of depression among fathers before and after the birth of their children is more common than previously thought, proving a risk to the well-being of their families, New Zealand researchers said Thursday.


    The University of Auckland study found that expectant fathers were at risk if they felt stressed or were in poor health, and elevated depression symptoms following their child's birth were linked to social and relationship problems.


    The study investigated depression symptoms in more than 3,500 New Zealand men during the third trimester of their partner's pregnancy and again nine months after their child's birth.


    During the perinatal period (from the third trimester of pregnancy to nine months after birth), 217, or 6.2 percent of the men experienced symptoms of depression.


    Around one in 25 men reported symptoms of postnatal depression while antenatal depression only affected about one in 50.


    By comparison, more mothers suffered depression symptoms before than after the birth of their children.


    One in six mothers reported significant depressive symptoms at either the antenatal interview or when their children were nine months old.


    One in eight experienced antenatal depression symptoms with one in 12 experiencing symptoms postnatally.


    Study author Dr Lisa Underwood said that while maternal antenatal and postnatal depression were recognized and known to be associated with poor outcomes for women and children, little had been done to identify perinatal depression symptoms in men.


    "Increasingly, we are becoming aware of the influence that fathers have on their children's psychosocial and cognitive development," Underwood said in a statement.


    "Given the potential for paternal depression to have direct and indirect effects on children, it is important that we recognize and treat symptoms among fathers early," she said.


    "Arguably, the first step in doing this is to raise awareness about factors that lead to increased risks among fathers themselves."

    Dog Agility Training for Fun Published: 07.05.2009 | Author: JenniferJohnson | Category: Dogs

    Dog agility is a sport in which handler directs a dog off-leash through obstacle course in a race for time and accuracy. Obstacle course consist of various tunnels Ryan Miller Salute to Service Jersey , jumps, a tire jump, weave poles, a pause table where the dog must sit or lie down for a count of five seconds, and obstacles that the dog must climb. The first dog agility performance was as entertainment at the Crufts dog show in 1978 and became a success that is now gaining popularity worldwide. It demonstrates dog鈥檚 ability to be versatile, quick and agile. All types and breeds of dogs can join in this sport. Even children and puppies are encouraged to participate in this event. If you do not want to compete and want to join the agility just for fun, you can do so in non-competitive agility classes.


    In an agility training course Brandon Montour Salute to Service Jersey , training obedience is the basic key. Dogs are trained to be obedient to their owner or the handler. The dogs must know and obey the different commands such as sit, halt or stop, lay down and other commands that can be used during the agility course. Dog agility equipment is necessary during the training. In purchasing dog agility equipment, there are things that you have to consider. First, you have to consider the dog. Use appropriate equipment for your dog鈥檚 size, breed, and age. Second Ondrej Kase Salute to Service Jersey , adjustable equipment is recommended to be used on your dog, this way; you can adjust it to the level of training. Go for portability of the equipment. If do not want to spend most of your time assembling the course, choose dog agility equipment that can be put together easily or already assembled.


    Consult a veterinarian before starting the agility training to ensure that your dog is in good physical health and have the necessary vaccines to participate in the training. Making sure that your dog has the strength and endurance to overcome one obstacle after another. Dog agility training helps develop the bonding between the pet owner or handler and the dog. Talk to your dog and offer treats for an accomplished command or task.


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    AMMAN, Jan. 26 (Xinhua) -- Jordan's senior parliamentary official said on Tuesday that finding a just solution to the Palestinian issue and ending the Israeli occupation are key to restoring stability in the Middle East Chris Wagner Salute to Service Jersey , the state-run Petra news agency reported.


    At a joint press conference with a visiting British parliamentary delegation, the Lower House Palestine Committee President Yehya Saoud said resolving the Palestinian issue through a just and lasting solution is the key to ending wars in the region.


    He also stressed on the Palestinians' rights to freedom and independence, calling for an end of Israeli violations at holy sites in Jerusalem, urging the British to take a firm stance against the violation.


    Over the past four months, the Israelis and the Palestinians have been locked in waves of violence, during which stabbing, car-ramming Cheap Rickard Rakell Jersey , and shooting attacks by the Palestinians have claimed the lives of 24 Israelis and a U.S. citizen.


    At least 150 Palestinians have been killed during that period, some in clashes with Israeli security forces in protests, while more than half were alleged attackers who were shot down at the scene of the attacks.


    Israeli leaders blame the Palestinian National Authority for incitement to violence behind the wave of attacks, fueled by strife over the site of the al-Aqsa mosqu.