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    August 17, 2017 6:24 AM EDT
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    Common Cold Treatment and Allergy Prevention At the moment in the evenings or early mornings, when we start to have runny and blocked nose together with sneezing, we quickly think that our environment may contain dust mites or the air conditions cause us allergic. Some of us may not know whether we are actually suffering from allergy or common cold. So when a person starts sneezing, he or she immediately thought it is an allergy and takes antihistamine to stop the allergy. The symptoms of the allergy and common cold are quite similar, i.e. runny nose, blocked nose and sneezing. But the actual difference between allergy and common cold is the cause to this illness. The latter is due to a weakened immune system followed by an influenza viral attack 
    Travis Zajac Jersey , whereas allergy is due to allergen such as dust mites, pollen, cat dander, mold and etc. A blocked nose can adversely affect your sleep in the night because it disturbs your breathing activity or it may cause you unable to fall asleep. Subsequently, uptake of oxygen by your body is reduced and this will cause fatigue and unable to concentrate in the day time. Uptake of oxygen is important because it is the main natural ingredient that is used by our body to regenerate energy. The consequences of this are your day time productivity will reduce and you may in high risk of accident such as car accident or workplace accident. After wake up in the morning with allergy, you will not enjoy the sniffles and the heavy head feeling throughout the whole morning. Allergy is a continuing ailment if you are not looking for treatment. This continuing ailment will cause a heavy impact to your quality of life. You may completely at sea when it comes to the remedy for this illness. If your sleep-depriving symptoms originate from common cold Taylor Hall Jersey , you can try the following medication that had been found by German doctors, which is able to relief cold. This formulation has been used for more than 50 years and it is an herbal combination of Thujae Occidentalis, Baptista and Echinaceae, which is able to help sufferer to overcome the common cold. Compared to other forms of formulations, this prescription only needs to be taken by user when it is necessary; whereas, others usually need the user to use it frequently during illness and even after recovery. Both Thujae and Baptisiae work as a very powerful immune system booster. Furthermore Scott Wedgewood Jersey , by adding together with Echinaceae, the efficacy of this mixture will be enhanced. This is because Echinaceae has antiviral properties. This combination not only helps in activating the body's immune system, it is also increasing the body resistance to viral or bacterial infection. It is unnecessary to take this combination of herbal extracts for long term basic like a supplement to prevent infection. What you need to do is just take this combination for five days after attacked by the virus or take it for a few days when you feel that you have been infected until the symptoms disappear. The main symptoms of a common cold are runny nose, sore throat, and sneezing. You may also have a mild fever. This herbal combination is safe for both adults and children with very little side effects, which you may not feel it. However Scott Stevens Jersey , prevention better than cure, you should try to avoid contact with anyone who has or suspected has a cold. After you have contacted with someone who has cold, the cold virus usually stays in your body for a few days before starts to attack your immune system. This also depends to your immune system conditions during this few days. If your immune system is strong and healthy, you won't be infected and cold symptoms will not appear. Therefore, we should maintain our body immune system health and don't try to weaken it. Immune system is usually weak for a person, who is under stress. In order to have a strong and healthy immune system Ryane Clowe Jersey , we should have enough rest. Besides, having enough sleep everyday also can help to maintain a strong and healthy body's immunity. To improve your quality of life, the following steps w.