Would I Suggest This Game for Others To Play, Path of Exile?

  • I fell in love with this game since the moment I started playing. It provides an original, deep story, good visuals, and game design. I would greatly recommend the game to any player that enjoys a great, evolving story, and a good community. One of the most confusing things in Path of Exile for new players is undoubtedly the path of exile currency system. This game is considered to be one of the best (if not the best) Diablo II clones out there and while it incorporates many elements from similar hack-and-slash games, the whole economy and currency system is completely unique. While nearly every other game has a standardized currency (typically gold), Path of Exile uses numerous different orbs as the basis of trading.



    You'll find a surprisingly filled out lore and setting, replete with a powerful narrative to take you through an interesting world. Honestly the best I've ever seen in any ARPG. The unsurprising downside to this is a heavy handed delivery of all that information via dialogue text windows. Regrettable but given the limitations of the genre, understandable.



    The multiple systems that influence gameplay taken altogether are deep and empowering, making PoE from a mechanics perspective the single most complex and satisfying ARPG I've played to date, and I haven't even fully explored the different characters, playstyles and strategies yet. Just take a glance at GGG's old Build of the Week video series to immediately appreciate the cleverness and variety the player community can bring to bear.



    It's a highly creative dynamic between active and support skill gems which are socketed into gear, attributes, classes with different specializations and different starting points on a huge passive skill tree, major and minor passive upgrades and more. In building your character you must account for all the staples of ARPG combat you could think of and then some. In addition to skill gems you have a host of consumable orbs and other items which serve as "functional" currency with direct uses such as modifying equipment, modifying gems, modifying your passive skill tree, crafting, etc.



    These consumables have set exchange rates with NPC's and form the basis of PoE's economy. It's fair to say this item based economy with reliance on player trading can be tenuous given ongoing balance issues with drop rates and frequent disruptions resulting from regular and significant content, feature and technical updates. GGG pays careful attention to its game and community and is always attempting to course correct.



    Would I suggest this game for others to play? Very much so. Even if you just follow a build on the forums and just play till the end of act 10 and not even touch the endgame "maps" system, you will have a good time in a very interring world with some amazing mechanics. This games is definitely worth your time.

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