If you don't accept TESO Gold UEFI

  • If you don't accept TESO Gold UEFI but you allegation a workaround for installing the angel of SteamOS, there's a absolute walkthrough for the UEFI accession provided by Reddit user FrostyCoolSlug. It's a complete diffuse activity bold you ambition to use the angel restore advantage for installing the SteamOS. The added accession is the custom installation.

    Make abiding your BIOS allows for booting from a USB stick. Use the 4GB USB stick, and put the 960MB Debian installer assimilate the stick. Cossack up the system. If you're greeted with the accession awning you can accept either automated or able install. Accustomed that you didn't ambition to go through the able UEFI thing, an automated accession is allegedly the bigger route.


    After the automated install reboots the arrangement you're traveling to go through a user log-in action so the arrangement can get the latest files and amend accordingly.

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