Sony Online Ball GW2 Gold has launched

  • Sony Online Ball GW2 Gold has launched the alpha assay for their MMO arch bold EverQuest Next Landmark. Baddest players are now able to jump into the bold and alpha building.


    Landmark isn't the aforementioned activity as EverQuest Next. It's afterpiece to Minecraft than an MMORPG. Players accumulate abstracts and use them to accumulate barrio and items. Sony Online affairs to use some of the best creations for the official bold apple of EverQuest Next if it launches. Builders can aswell buy and advertise items for real-world money in the Amateur Studio.


    In adjustment to get admission to Landmark's alpha test, you accept to buy either a $99.99 Trailblazer Backpack or a $59.99 Explorer Pack. Both of these aswell packs arise with complete clothing, rings and added items for your characters. Trailblazers will even get their name in the credits. Afore you accomplish any purchase, be abiding to assay out the arrangement requirements.