you know the rest in peace

  • And it was a different battle violently to any other state in the classical world of Warcraft.Theldren born with a combination of four of his colleagues to choose between a group of eight: korv a shamanVa'jashni tauren, priestRotfang dwarf and gnoll rogueSnokh Blackspine, fire quillboar mageVolida an undead frost mageMalgen Longspear, Centaur hunterRezznik a puck engineerLefty that monkYes GNOME, you read that last right. Even Lefty ability called Five Finger heart fat technical explosion. Theldren himself was a warrior. It was all coach a strong group class capabilities. For example, korv Earthbind Totem, the fire was New Totem, Frost shock, and Minor Healing Wave, and make Purge.What this single battle of its kind - and anger so for many - is that the characters do not have a traditional tank aggro table.A can not keep them. Instead, they actively the most vulnerable members of your team - people with cloth and end healers.In trying to win, you had to change tactics. You had to treat the meeting as a PvP battle, instead of your head. Crowd control, counties, and it was a blast down the keys of enemies here. If you were not complete with its CC, and the battle turned against you as characters used very effectively.It skills led to the fun but messy battle. You have to use all the resources in its class toolbox. Those who are not used to this kind of battle was a learning curve. Because it was very different, some people despised this encounter.World of Warcraft seemed to think it was to expand the way to go, however. Delrissa priestess in the final 5-player dungeons terrace of the Burning Crusade was a master at drawing-PvP-esque similar. Similarly, Heroes faction offered in anger first volume Crusader attack elementary Lech wow shop  King, no boss aggro table. It is unclear whether the complaints finally peaked or World of Warcraft has grown bored with this idea, but we have not seen a similar meeting since.Defeating Theldren means you can get the top of the Lord Valthalak amulet of your body. And breast scene spoils born with loot.Three kingsWhen you came back, Anthion revealed that contains a medal for Valthalak Spirit. You sent back to the mission given his faction happy to note that you know the rest in peace. Now you update your clothes, and shoulders, and shoes. The epic shoes of high quality. Rogue shoes reward interesting: continued to increase stealth.Two piece of medals that can be found. Based on the opinion Anthion and questgiver sent you to search gnome called Bodley. Since Bodley was last seen going to the Black Rock Mountain was not heard from again, and Ghost Revealer outside.