Throw yourselves into deadly battles

  • you are only 14 equipment simultaneously available, seven of which are active and seven passive. Also, you can only use two weapons at a time. The skills are then combined with the weapons. Link: More about goods Story - possible new website and beta applications publisher Aeria runescape games is back with the next free MMORPG goods story. According to a recent press release the runescape game's website, a new coat of paint was missed. In addition, you'll get there from now on new information about the virtual world and on top of that is the registration form for the beta phase to Verfügung.Waren story is a new free fantasy MMORPG that wants to convince you with a detailed 3D graphics and Old School RS  a huge world and large-scale PvP battles. The continent of goods is divided by conflict and to the west of the country, dark forces are established to tear from there the power. In the runescape game you choose your hero from the classes warrior, archer, archer or villain and trained him with numerous individual skills that each class has available. Throw yourselves into deadly battles, kills cruel beasts and become a true warrior in a fantasy world. Link: Read more about Star Wars: The Old Republic - New Questions and Answers on the weekend you already know this: It's the weekend and BioWare sends the fans of sci-fi MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic without a further portion of questions and the corresponding answers in a well-deserved leisure time. And so on the official runescape games website a new FAQ edition was published, in which the runescape players make as usual questions about the virtual world konnten.Dieses time you will find out whether the attribute readiness for the energy-based classes will be revised, or legacies be combined. In addition, BioWare plans to implement an alliance system. When this is disrunescape played, however, is still unclear. In addition, you will find out why the traders have disappeared from the war zones and as adding an Enhancement Slots works. Link: Read more about Spirit Tales - The Kiss: The Open Beta testing phase is started After some time, the delay time has come: Publisher Koramrunescape game has launched the open beta test phase for the cuddly, Free MMORPG Spirit Tales at the start. For this guild islands and Sigillensteine were implemented in the virtual world. Also Sweetheart system is you now to Verfügung.Spirit Tales is a free fantasy MMORPG in the anime style. In an Earth-like fantasy world you explore with a cuddly little hero numerous secrets and experienced all sorts of adventures. The world is in the two hemispheres 'dark' and 'bright' divided and offers you six runescape playable classes with a customizable character system. In addition to tons of PvE content but is also the PvP is not too short.