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  • Lastly if you prefer Nintendo, blue tie Wei is on sale only $ 99.96, less than most of handhelds.Check price of Wal-Mart Statement full display all FIFA Soccer 15 transactions for Black Friday. FIFA 15 patch release for Mac and PC has finally arrived on keyboards. Does not live on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the new reforms FIFA 15 patch several bugs and controversial special goalkeeper addresses explore online matches.In online FIFA 15 games mounted, a player is able to control the goalkeeper FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, leaving the skilled AI to handle players.Here baseball stadium are the full details of what this patch fixes: Goalkeeper control in online matches: We asked for your feedback and we have a lot of it. After reviewing it, telemetry our own, we decided that enough people were abusing this online resource to negatively affect the experience of the majority. So we decided to remove the ability to click the Back / Select and play as goalkeeper, allowing the CPU to defend, in all FIFA 15 games on the Internet. Remains feature is available in matches.Fixed currently a situation that would see the user in a FUT empty store without functionality.Fixed accident button FUT crash when using custom steel tactics.Fixed that can occur when applying a director after buying the Bronze Pack Award in FUT block. Fixed a situation that we will see some users being disconnected from FUT after five seconds of connectivity.We server FIFA Coins  FUT ideal to speed transactions.Fixed a situation where the FIFA 15 game will hang when downloading FIFA 15 Face.Fixed situation allow online 15 team at the end of FIFA to be controlled by another player. Thanks again for your patience and continued waiting for this patch and that will be launching in the future, the board director EA Dux0r wrote. Microsoft has not confirmed, however, that a limited number of members have contacted us about unauthorized access to their accounts by outsiders. And they are working with the members directly affected to resolve any unauthorized changes to their accounts. Player EuroFIFA 15 points, and Speedjack, was among the first who found had been recovered Medal 15 FIFA someone else machine October 11 and then find out I've ever had in 5000, then 500 MS purchase on my credit card points. Better yet, it has gone all the points, including 120 I've ever had in my account ... all spent on FIFA 15 content packs yesterday afternoon while I was in just that work.Not, but my account now has 35 FIFA on a winning 15 points it !!! FIFA Soccer 15, did not play in my life - I hate FIFA. He said the latest report from Goosterblog was hacked Xbox LIVE account other user to buy FIFA 15 also packs a team at the end. According to Xbox Live users are also problems with their accounts in forumsas NeoGAF, GiantBomb (in early June), and official Xbox forums.It seems to have a few different stories here.