small minigame in order to show the possibilities

  • dungeon. Who wants to already look forward to the coming content, should take a look at the new screenshots and the new trailer. We have both anchored yourselves among this news. All screenshots for TERA update can be found here Hearthstone  In the duel Rogue Druid Blizzard has a new gameplay video for Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft released and shows it, like a rogue and a druid is trying to defy. Not Heroes of Warcraft because underlaid with faster music to squeeze gameplay scenes in an actionpacked corset As before, Blizzard focused during the presentation of his upcoming rerelease Hearthstone. Instead, to videos, which extend over several minutes, offer an uncut impression of tactical gameplay depth. In this concept now also falls the meeting of Rogue and Druid. Commented by designer designer Ben Brode Blizzard has thus invited to a renewed Stammtisch duel. Within ten minutes this will be shown, how to use the different maps. In this meeting, the powerful spell of Malfurion Stormrage and the AlarmoBot strategy Valeera Sanguinar. EVE Online  EVE VR at E3 2013 EVE VR CCP provides a small minigame in order to show the possibilities of Oculus Rift glasses. At E3 2013 it was presented to the visitors and captured on video. The first real VR goggles for Final Fantasy XIV Games, the Oculus Rift, is currently a term that often get to do with the players. The hardware that might replace monitors in the distant future, may currently be tried at E3 2013 in Los Angeles, along with a specially developed game from CCP. In EVE VR offers players a small space battle in the universe of EVE Online. They sit at the controls of a spaceship and go through a small match in which two teams compete against each other. The player sees the entire field through the lens and can look around by simply moving his head. According to the first test reports this happens the whole is even latenzfrei.Gestemmt by the free Unity engine, which is very obese mainly because of their Browserkompatiblität. In our home theater can be found next to the official