Medieval 3 or a new Napoleonic

  • They are challenging fans to play the demo and finish the last boss. Why is this such a big deal? No one in play testing at Sony has been able to defeat this boss so far.The Bloodborne demo itself has seen some nerfing, for the purposes of giving fans a satisfactory preview in an expo environment. However, it seems that From thought they still had a reputation to uphold, so they added this in for the fans at Tokyo Game Show.From Marketing Manager Yasuhiro Kitao said one thing about the final game's difficulty: The only thing that's certain is that it's not easy. It seems interesting, but ultimately it's a useless statement, since it does not give us a us a frame of reference to gauge that difficulty.Some fans argue in this thread that as much as the developers hype the Runescape game's difficulty, they really enjoyed other elements. In particular, they were attracted by the Runescape game's atmosphere and sense of immersion. They do feel the demo did display these qualities of the Runescape game satisfactorily as well.This also led to some debate on the merits of the Runescape game's presentation vs. difficulty, which you can read in full here.Bloodborne is coming to Japan for PlayStation 4 on February 5, 2015. Stay tuned to Runescape gameranx for more information on Bloodborne's western release.Creative Assembly Set to Announce New Total War Title. Creative Assembly are putting the final touches on their upcoming Cheap RS Gold  first person shooter/survival horror game Alien Isolation, which just went Gold', which is to say it's coming out on time. They have announced that they are already hard at work on a brand new Total War game, not revealing what setting it's going to be a part of.Given that the last game they made was set in Rome, and the one before that in Japan, there's a good chance that we might be looking at the announcement of Total War: Medieval 3 or a new Napoleonic-era Total War title.The developer will be making its announcement at this year's Runescape gamer Expo at 4pm on Thursday, September 25.CA will give attendees an exclusive insight into ongoing production on the title and the world first look at the new game in action, reads the official announcement. Be prepared for the odd surprise too.Sega is also poised to release Total War: Rome 2 Emperor Edition on September 16. All existing owners of the Runescape game will see their copies automatically upgraded to the new version, which includes numerous improvements and DLC, including the upcoming Imperator Augustus campaign pack.Fatal Frame Wii U Extended Trailer Shows Off GamePad Use. Nintendo has just uploaded an extended gameplay trailer for its latest Koei Tecmo collaboration, Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko, better known as Fatal Frame V: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden. The highlight of this nearly five-minute video is the demonstration of GamePad functions.