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  • Since everything inside the professionals from the touch screen for a wonderful set of internal specifications, these laptops are incredible feats of engineering. Thin and light is good - so it is a powerful thin and light takes a price, though. Both Pro models feel flimsy and breakable - every time you took me to the Pro corner, carbon fiber body flexed a lot more than you feel comfortable with it. The cover provides back when you press on the screen; a box full of moving down while typing. The problems are a lot worse Nov. 13 to 13 inch model demonstrates a little over 11 looks come at all times of the limit - but in both cases I have this fear of annoying that I intend to reduce or computer or accidentally press the piece directly over it and get out of the other side. Air feels more durable, as does Kirabook 'Toshiba', which is probably the most direct competitor to Apple's VAIO time. Update: I initially thought there was only one color for each model Pro version. I changed my thoughts here and the keyboard section (color affects the keyboard, believe it or not), and changed the score to reflect what is happening in reality on.Each size comes in one of two colors, silver and chrome or black chrome. I Black is a lot better, not least because it hides scratches, dings laptops seem to pick up very easily. (My silver 11 already looks like my iPhone 5, with small defects to fill the edges.) It's also just a sleeker, cooler look, the VAIO logo reflective device does not dire but almost dark consequences. Wu glossy keyboard tray brushed metal palmrest give a unique look very much like a two-toned. Evaluation units every two blue stickers on the palmrest, and, though Sony says it will be black or silver to match your computer - you would rather be gone, but at least they will match.The wedge-shaped sides taper toward nothingness and ends small sharp dug into the palm of your hand as you hold the Pro corner to corner. Digging into the corners of your feet as well, if you use the 'Pro on your lap - the screen rotates slightly down below the base that supports the slightest keyboard corners, sharp angles can either catch your jeans or scrape bare feet. Between Cheap RS Gold  this and the construction quality problems, you really better off using this laptop on your desk. Two colors, and sizes of VAIO Pro 'shares many features, most strengths and weaknesses, but there is one huge difference between the two: the keyboard. This is the 13 th and 11 is a decent scary. 13 trend praise bottom with each keystroke makes typing feel something soft, but large and well spaced keys, and although there is not enough function keys (and their choices in each secondary keys) includes at least the basics. It is quite hard keyboard.The Pro 11, on the other hand, the state of chaos. The same small computer that keys must be small and narrow, but the real problem lies in the silver version of the background.