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  • So if you happen to own both the PSP and HD versions of Peace Walker, it will be possible to save your progress in the living room and pick up again on the bus.Hideo Kojima called the Peace Walker compatibility "Step 1" for Transfarring. Step 2 will bring "PS2 class NHL games" to the PS3 and NGP, with Transfarring being possible between the PS3 and NGP. In its final phase, Kojima says Transfarring will make it possible to transfer data from a PS3 game to the NGP.Under this new system, it will be possible to play PS3 NHL games pretty much anywhere provided that you own an NGP. It's not clear at the moment whether you will need to own both a PS3 and NGP version for it to work, but it's certainly a possibility. The Zone of the Enders Collection will be Transfarring-enabled, so that ought to give us a glimpse of what to expect on that front when it arrives in 2012.This article originally appeared on GamePro as Konami Pre-E3 Event Round-up E3: Halo 4 Confirmed. Microsoft closed its press conference at E3 with the first glimpse of Halo 4 -- well, first if you ignore the accidental leak on Xbox earlier today.Halo 4 is apparently the "dawn of a new trilogy on Xbox 360." Looks like Master Chief has quite a bit of life left in him yet.The trailer featured Master Chief in stasis with someone calling "Wake up, John" and our hero waking up understandably groggy. He runs out of an exploding ship and sees a new disaster ahead Buy HUT Coins  of him ready to deal with.No word on release date or anything yet, but this will be one to watch.This article originally appeared on GamePro as E3: Halo 4 Confirmed GamePro Weekly: E3, PSN, Call of Duty (cont'd). That Call of Duty Premium Service Was a Long Time Coming: For all you Call of Duty fans who are up in arms about the recently-announced premium service: what were you expecting exactly? This is the same publisher that ran the rhythm genre into the ground. The same publisher, in fact, that regularly charges $15 for map packs and gets away with it. And frankly, they've been talking about this for years now.That's where this industry is going though. Between Project $10, micro-transactions and "premium services," large publishers are looking to mitigate the ballooning costs of AAA development any way they can. If you don't like it, then hey, it's not like you have to plunk down $60 on a new copy of Call of Duty year after year...Transfarring?: Trust the Japanese to come up with goofiest name possible for the feature that may end up defining both the NGP and the PlayStation 3 going forward. It rolls off the tongue, but it also sounds like something out of the Newspeak Dictionary. Pretty soon the English language will be made up entirely of PR jargon.I call it a "defining" feature because Transfarring seems to pointing to a world in which identical NHL games are released simultaneously on PS3 and NGP.