If these four votes would not change, that the Obtain Fifa 16 C

  • October 28, fifa4sale.co.uk president Sepp Blatter in the interview. Blatter said the correct to host your 2018 and 2022 World Cups prior to vote on the previous results of your 2022 World Cup in the us would like to arrange, but Platini plus the prince of Qatar has changed a final result. A news reporter asked Blatter, you really feel simultaneously elected really and 2022 a pair of 2018 World Glass host country is just not a mistake?

    Blatter explained: "We are both as well to discuss before starting the process of. It was opted for hold by your Russian, because following World Cup has not been to Russian federation, located in Western Europe, as your 2022 World Glass, we have chosen is The us such an action would be able to hold the a pair of largest political force on the globe in the World Cup subsequently everything goes effortlessly, until it satisfied Sarkozy and King Qatar: After lunch break, Platini said the globe Cup in Qatar to perform good self. This situation will change. "

    "Europe's four votes from the us turned to Qatar, Qatar final 15 to 8 victory over the us host the Olympics. If these four votes would not change, that the Obtain Fifa 16 Coins U . s . will be 12 for you to 10 win. If I had the globe Cup to the us, and now we 2018 will still only talk about how wonderful the globe Cup, but there are not any negative reports of FIFA. " coins68po

    In addition, Blatter explained, fifa16 xbox360 scandal can be plotted Platini, ended up being forced to resign their current Platini in addition cause. The political struggle is England and the us whom intentional, because England's put money to host your 2018 World Cup soon enough lost to Russian federation, the United Claims lost to Qatar put money to host your 2022 World Cup if your two countries were unpopular planned.