The orcs are acting malicious

  •  As for the pandaren, those within the Horde found orgrimmar, hat on hand, seeking protection and offering their aid. The warchief granted their protection, nonetheless they never volunteered the tips for pandaria, which must have obviously known. Towards the orcs, the pandaren may as well be traitors. They located durotar, saw the cruel conditions the orcs lived in, and never once mentioned their lush, rich land, full of open space to exist in, water to drink, animals to hunt, and rs accounts , things the Horde is eager to have.

    Here's when things become tricky. The orcs are acting malicious, it's true, but it's not beyond pure malice. They view themselves as being the desperate underdogs with finally emerge number one. They see their harsh living conditions as proof of what lengths they've already come. They begin to see the resourcces from the alliance like a boost for their enemies, making each horde triumph all the more praiseworthy and honorable. They see the tauren giving them the snub, the forsaken disobeying garrosh, the elves protesting every mission, the goblins cutting corners, as well as the trolls in open rebellion, and in addition they say 'consider all we have now still to get over! goldi6fd


    If we do overcome all these challenges, will probably be incontrovertible proof how the orcs are classified as the strongest, toughest race suitable to rule our planet!' To then find out how the one advantage they are able to have gotten, early usage of pandaria as well as secrets could have been at their fingertips the complete time these were allied for the Houjin, and the Houjin held out on them? It is exactly what has sent them from the deep end, and why these are prepared to torture Ji to death. If he talks, they reason, they'll get what they desire. If he doesn't, they'll have executed a traitor, who would have helped them and didn't.