Then talk about the structure of Romania

  • Behind the main character can not decide gods and spiritual songs to be specific for each practice vomiting of blood, and then let the champion of memory and spiritual songs to talk about his memories of the lost (story ...) recently met in God memory to be, but it still feels a bit familiar (a little story ...) between spiritual songs last chance changed again by the gods would be a disaster, as it is, is bound to become the protagonist of the Spirit of God is to change to avoid decided to return to death in front of more than 1000 years ago, the fate of the protagonist spiritual songs (Well, Why do I say it again). After opening the third quarter! And third act'm not spoiled, and finally back the protagonist modern, but to finish during the stabbing. just started playing, I realized that this game is the father of Romania Rome, castle and play the game, not that she found herself siege machines Roman guard strong really is the best feature of the weapons cause blocks between the barbarians powers stronger Orthodox because the ID must be eight or nine plays in the rest of the infantry catapult Giant strongest in the country, but the area is very boring, why not start with a sling, I found this practice compared to only two of the catapult large groups , there are three sets of the explosion of a giant giant and powerful pumps usually start to bend on a large sheet of paper mobiles wasting positions shops rare place catapult of course, a good training takes four of the five giants, began to find it, but it appears that after production giant, often twice as big, but no ammunition in any case do not I can wait for the harvest of infantry. Funds remaining 10, only if all passers Romania, one finds strength siege to the field or out to support the town and the horse is not too boring, so I like the four horsemen of the infantry six gear Knights Romanian construction of direct interest perfection is not moving, and even ski fence about dumplings positive arm infantry cavalry in the city in an attempt to increase the clutch is good, all infantry combat very boring. Then talk about the structure of Romania in the country, T., was no less than the layers Minzhong theater building just five liters, the Internet is more than the city can be two different theaters turned five,  archeage gold   so you can build without limitation, did not tried without comment, more than a pain in the ass is one of the largest theaters need five marbles, eight provinces could not be found, except for this, and I was born in a cross-border raid was the backbone of Rome on the side of the building the bulk of the waste, and the temple, not one, as we all know, there are two parts of the temple, archaeological, and the Temple of Agriculture (June 3 Food 0.2 commands, in addition to the production of agriculture) Temple of Poseidon (3 September eat, plus shipping two end of life) Romania is not one, which means that Rome is a great shortage of food will, including agricultural banks (forget what it is without money, just to nutrients add to construction, food processing, and not to limit), but adds a bit of order in the capital is an important basis alone should be primarily culture-liter four, with most along with Boom temple, but also reduce foods add some foods that endless and to really, which leads to the center of the city and not to get a helmet, and I think a lot of players who can play in pain Rome afraid to spend money, especially if the soldiers produce something conservative, and the need to consume large amounts of food, not the system, and the population growth of more than 30 food surpluses will not be built Mana four quarters in a training ground in the city will be only six holes are built state in the capital, and the growth of the population think even after 40 rounds of 50 wage strongest soldiers do not remember the main town in the province rose city of two million unemployed, and the other side will be built four quarters as the red because when I arrived military technology to the soldiers in five subjects, the main town in the rural town of two wells at the end of the day, and access to the soldier, of course, is a coastal city in the building of the sea beyond, each distributor managed only a smaller amount of food, and food for the poor, without fish, fishing reports significantly reduces the personnel of the Navy and the passages between the two regions and countries Poseidon can not build the province. Now do not go into the architectural planning what Tiluo different provinces, which was built no god Poseidon earth and care about what to take, and this point is not happy, says the province, four of the city, and military recruitment in the region enough for the final cost of 15,000 and 4,000 light maintenance, fewer parts, more power to the city of the final catch quickly, like my three units, with an average of 2.5 a tour of the city is often two 30,000 rounds revenue to cover the costs appear exhausted, too, and this inability to build more troops and four other counties, the city is more than just ah ATM, the main town in the theaters and channels priority update, and the first references to the loyalty of the year and grow each updated dealer high-Ocean, a small town on agricultural land or plantations with the god Poseidon, and is filled with money and the real of the city to three, final four liters and could possibly get rid get from the banks. Three districts and two rural residents can make the barn does not expect to make money on the construction of the city to support themselves more money, but not to build fishing boats on the condition that the system is affected by a twenty-three reduction in fishing together, do not pay attention to changes in the capital in the field of fisheries to celebrate seafood, such as loss diet is the same, the update of the four bars of Commerce, and as a result of growth in each of the city is not very active, and can build direct, pressure, and not just because he was Astglalhlltover Food and canals Monogram Food and positioning in the province does not meet the general rule for the theater, yes, the main town and villages. In panic across the Atlantic. The first level of Greece and Asia Minor and then Dacia States reluctant to see you. To cope with a short plank, and in some cases, depending on the support, and may better serve the loyalty forces. Africa rifles, spears and slow Sparta and others appear for takeaway called the line.