you’ll bag hair some silverhawk boots!

  • Earn many extra Agility XP and your silverhawk Rs 3 Gold boots – earlier immediately’s prize on Treasure Hunter!

    Open a chest now and yourself simply could Buy 2007 Rs Gold win considered considered one of three boot pieces: silverhawk soles, silverhawk uppers, and silverhawk tongues. Win the and combine them 500 silverhawk feathers – provided from Treasure Hunter – therefore you’ll bag hair some silverhawk boots! Equip them so that you will’ll receive Agility XP

    If your silverhawk boots grant you Old Shool Rs Gold XP, their charge will drain. That’s the location the tradable silverhawk feathers can also be found in – recharge your boots with up to 500 feathers. Any spare boot pieces you practice not Treasure Hunter can be become feathers too, 07 Rs Gold this means you offer an overabundance methods to recharge your boots!

    What’s more, anybody can possibly essential new emote while Old School Fire Cape wearing silverhawk boots. The truly lucky among you might even open a chest containing a wholly assembled several boots Buy Old School Fighter Torso!