they had a FIFA goalkeeper is very good

  • The draw means that Brazil will probably have to win in the final against Cameroon FIFA for a place in the knockout stage of the tournament .Scolari feel that Ochoa was worth the Man of the Match award for his efforts during the FIFA game. 'I did not like the own FIFA goalkeeper. It was really amazing, he did a great job, he was calm and confident on the field - was the man of the match 'said Scolari, who led Brazil to win the World Cup 2002 at a press conference.' We had opportunities, but they had a FIFA goalkeeper is very good, they did a wonderful job. Mexico also shot very well from ut coins outside the area, so they had a very good day, so that's why I have not been able to win. 'Despite admitting that a goalless draw, FIFA was not a good result, he acknowledged the efforts of Mexico, during a FIFA game. 'The 0-0 is not a good result, but does not reflect how close was this game. Not a good result, because the victory would have given us to qualify, but we have to respect our opponents who play FIFA well. Try both soccer teams in the final 15 to mark the quality of FIFA goals. T was a great physical effort that tight. 'Portugal, says his former boss that he had decided to go with Ramirez after the temple, who suffered an injury during training, and decided to stay on the bench.