• Southwest airlines

    You can check that for "write my essay" aid for airlines essay. United States aviation industry is one of the best served on the planet with more than 100 traveler airlines registered and more than eleven million flight takeoffs each year. Southwest Airlines, which is in its 45th year of service is a Dallas based aeronautics company that stands out from other air transporters with its admirable customer service . The company is served by more than 47,000 employees who serve more than 100 million customers yearly. Southwest operates more than 3,600 flights a day, serving 95 destinations over the United States and six additional countries. It is the nation's greatest transporter that concentrates on domestic passengers in the US. The Company operates the biggest fleet of Boeing aircraft on the planet, the vast majority of which are fitted with satellite based Wi-Fi, enabling clients to use internet services while on board.

    Marketing Strategy

    Product pricing

    Southwest airline markets its self as the supplier of the least expensive flights in the US. The sustainability of the financial friendly air travel services is enabled by company's use of economies of scale. Economy of scale is used by companies to increase their capacity of sales and reduce the unit cost of each sale therefore making better margins . Southwest Airlines has the capacity make colossal benefits by distributing the expenses of operation to the gigantic number of clients looking for their services. These expenses are shared among the customers in this manner, making every individual customer to pay less for travel. The airline strives to make client loyal to their services so as to achieve economies of scale. This is accomplished through provision of above standard customer care services, increasing travel destinations as well as offering timely flights for the customers. In order to maintain client satisfaction, Southwest Airlinesintroduced a point reward framework that enables everyone who utilizes the carrier services to secure reward points even from a single flight. The points can then be redeemed for various commodities including free and subsidized travel. The opportunity to receive such discounts attracts many customers and makes them to prefer to use the airline.

    Customer satisfaction

    The main driver of consumer loyalty for Southwest airlines is customer satisfaction. The airline values customer service and all their employees are trained on customer care etiquette. Customers who are contented are likely to become repeat customers and to even refer the services to other users . The airline uses social media and their well manned website to respond to customer queries in real time. This makes customers to feel valued by the company.

    Marketing and Advertising

    The airline continues to carry out marketing campaigns and advertisement to increase their customer base and to attract more customers. Many companies continue to use old fashioned marketing techniques while others revolutionise their marketing strategies. Southwest airlines uses social media and their well managed website to reach out to their clients, interact and engage them. The airline enhances its image through posting content that attract clients and updating them on the opportunities and promotions available. Better search engine positioning also contributes to the visibility of the airline to clients who are interested with the company’s services and those who search for it over the internet . Clients are able to access important information regarding the company over the internet because of better search engine positioning.