How is Path of Exile?

  • With the seventh expansion of War for the Atlas a success. More and more player join the Path of Exile team. I see some questions.


    1. The game is free but there are multiple paid addons on the store, pricing up to £128. Is there any sense of pay to win in the game? If someone buys these add-ons, will they have an advantage over someone who doesn't?


    2. How is the general state of the game, does it play well on the console? Are there many issues/glitches that need looking into by the dev's or is it generally in good condition as of now?


    3. People compare this game to Diablo 3.


    Firstly, totally free if you want it to be. The paid stuff has literally no bearing on the game itself. Closest you get is there are 3 specific inventory storage panels you can get from the paid store that make life much easier (Currency, Essence, and Divination). If you need more currency and orbs in game, so do not miss U4GM's Chritmas and New Year Event: you can enjoy 5% Coupon at U4gm POE orbs. But that's it. Most everything else is totally cosmetic with zero impact on gameplay.


    Secondly, it plays pretty damn well. There are a few glitches still so I won't say the polish is 100%. There are issues with logging in every so often, but the game just launched so its probably stress related. There is a glitch with potion bottles shifting as you move them around your inventory. Minor stuff like that. Easy fixes.


    Finally, as others have said its closer to Diablo 2. The biggest elements that are different is there is a Passive Skill Tree that is HUGE and all classes use it, so technically you could pick the Witch and make her into a massively armored 2h weapon fighter. The second thing is that active skills are done via gems you socket into armor and weapons, with link slots similar to the Materia in FF7, so again you can have a Witch using a 2h greatsword with huge ground pound skill gems. This gives a TON of flexibility and customization to the classes. No two people will play the same class the same (unless they copy an online build or something).


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