Dining and Entertainment for UGA Fans in Amelia Island

  • These restaurants and bars are my personal recommendations for anyone visiting eastern Nassau County, Florida.  I promised all my fellow UGA fans that I would give them some guidance for a wonderful visit to our area. If you have any questions just call me at (904) 626-5744. 



    Fernandina and Amelia Island

    • Arte Pizza, 109 N 3rd St, Fernandina Beach, FL, (904) 277-1515

    This place would look at home in southern Italy, and has the proper amount of light and charm. The salads, pizza (wood fired) and pastas are great. My favorite is the Pizza Margherita

    • Café Karibo, 27 N 3rd St, Fernandina Beach, FL, (904) 277-5269

    They have a healthy approach to classic food. Try the Turkey Cuban for a new twist on a Florida standard.

    • Espana, 22 S 4th St, Fernandina Beach, FL, (904) 261-7700

    I lived in Spain for three months, and this place is the closest I have found to true authentic Andalusian cuisine. Their Tapas menu is superb, and I personally recommend the Gambas Costa Brava and the Ceviche. The entrees are also fantastic, and my favorite is the Paella Mariscos.

    • Moon River Pizza, 925 S 14th St, Fernandina Beach, FL, (904) 321-3400

    I go there for the pizza and salads, but I love the eclectic décor and staff. The pizza is handcrafted goodness, and the salads are fantastic (try the Walnut Gorgonzola). They also feature craft beers and an assortment of simple wines. Make sure to bring cash. They don’t accept credit or debit cards.

    • Parkway Grille, 5517 S Fletcher Ave, Fernandina Beach, FL, (904) 277-6614

    This establishment is only open for breakfast and lunch, but is a local favorite for starting the day. At the risk of sounding trite, you have to try the Cuban sandwich. I have had a Cuban all over the state of Florida, and they can hang with the best. They also feature great breakfast classics like pancakes and omelets. This is the place to eat on New Year’s morning. They will open their doors at 8:00 am on 1/1/2014.  

    • Sliders Seaside, 1998 S Fletcher Ave, Fernandina Beach, FL, (904) 277-6652

    This recently renovated gem is located right on the ocean and provides a second floor vista for dining. My personal favorite item is the Sesame Seared Tuna. Come in for great dining, or kick back at their patio bar and listen to live entertainment.

    • The Loop, 869 Sadler Rd, Fernandina Beach, FL, (904) 321-0093

    The Loop is a Northeast Florida chain of restaurants dedicated to quick and delicious meals. They serve a fresh assortment of salads, soups, pizzas and sandwiches. Try the tomato bisque for a great warm-up on a cold day.

    • Tasty’s  Fresh Burgers and Fries, 710 Centre St, Fernandina Beach, FL, (904) 321-0409

    If you are looking for a quick bite and a beer, this is the place. My favorite item is their Vienna Chicago Style Dog.

    • Timoti’s Fry Shak, 21 N 3rd St, Fernandina Beach, FL, (904) 310-6550

    I love dining here on a nice day. They have a charming patio area that is great for an Al Fresco lunch. If you like sushi you have to try their Poke. The shrimp tacos are also great.



    Yulee and O’Neil (off the island)

    • Branding Iron Steaks, 463646 State Rd 200, Yulee, FL, (904) 849-7349                            

    There are a few good steakhouses left, but The Branding Iron has a differentiation strategy. All of their steaks are Omaha steaks. The quality is really present in their well marbled rib-eyes.

    • Dick’s Wings, 474313 Florida A1A, Fernandina Beach, FL,  (904) 310-6945     

    Dick’s is my favorite place for wings. They have at least 30 ways you can have them prepared. Swamp Fire is my personal favorite sauce.  

    • Lanna Thai, 474260 Florida 200, Fernandina Beach, FL, (904) 321-0255    

    The food is fantastic, the service is great and they have an authentic décor. My favorite item is the Larb Gai. 

    • San Jose Mexican Grill, 463797 State Rd 200, Yulee, FL, (904) 548-0650                  

    San Jose has authentic Mexican cuisine with great service. You have to try their soups (chicken or shrimp). I am a soup lover, and they really make a hearty and delicious soup.


    Just Drinks

    • Dog Star Saloon, 10 N 2nd St Fernandina Beach, FL, (904) 277-8010

    This hangout is popular with the locals and tourists alike. The old building provides a lot of charm, and they have a patio area for “al fresco” partying.

    • O’Kanes Irish Pub, 318 Center St, Fernandina Beach, FL, (904) 261-1000

    O’Kanes is a great place to kick back for a couple of hearty pints.  They have a standard pub fare menu, but I only stop in for the beer.

    • Sandy Bottoms Beach Bar, 2910 Atlantic Ave, Fernandina Beach, FL, (904) 310-6904

    Their patio is right on the beach and there is plenty of parking. I am not a fan of their food, but the view is great and the bar provides quick service.

    • The Green Turtle, 14 S 3rd St, Fernandina Beach, FL, (904) 321-2324

    A great place to hangout, drink from a larger beer menu and dig on some fine music. I love the Green Turtle as a place to have a drink before and after a meal. They also have a wrap-around porch and live music outside.

    • The Palace Saloon, 17 Centre St, Fernandina Beach, FL, (904) 491-3332

    The Palace is the oldest (continuously operating) drinking establishment in Florida. It is definitely a place you have to visit at least once. It has a gritty charm, and the Pirate’s Punch packs a wallop.